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Friday, June 12, 2009 

America, time to grow up

For the last 20 plus years this great country. Once the leading Nation in the world. Am place that people looked to to lead the way not only in individual freedoms, but in integrity and truth. A place where one can look t themselves and improve their life through hard work , the sweat and blood of their own achievements. This country has taken a not just one step backwards but has simply turned and started to walk backwards and away from achieving the pursuit of life liberty and happiness.

America has become a country where the squeaky wheel not only gets the grease but the benefits of others who are still willing to try and improve their standard of living and take care of their own family. Now a few have to provide for the many and lazy. The concept of someone else will provide and take care of me is prevalent . While the proven track record of hard work and self satisfaction no longer is the rule of thought.

The have nots have wormed their way into main stream politics, society in general and are demanding that those who are sensible and willing to work provide for their lazy, non work ethic, wantings. Where as haves as being assaulted for earning, and achieving a better life.

Let me say that a big part of this problem goes to the lack of any true educational system in this country. Instead of being educated, children are being indoctrinated by the have nots who 9 out of 10 times have never held any job including flipping burgers as a teenager to make spending money. What passes for teachers today are members of unions. Unions which are nothing more then bullies who take from others and line their pockets. In what field can you receive tenure and never be fired for a lack of knowledge in the field you are being paid to be knowledgeable in.

We have a government run brainwashing, tax payer funded propaganda system. One in which the true facts and realization of all topics are being ignored in favor of what is politically correct. The removal of the true facts in history are being twisted and taught instead of what really happened. Look at the twisted history being taught about the American Civil war. In short the truth is that this war was fought over the Federal versus State rights. Even though SLAVERY became a factor in the latter part of the war. One of which needed to be addressed as it is repugnant. Yet it was not the main reason for the war. In fact we are facing a similar situation today with the overstepping grab by the Federal government on State rights.

Next look at the lies about the cold war ending. In truth it was Ronald Wilson Regan who spent the Soviet Union into bankruptcy. The advancement of the American military industry and achievements in research and development forced the Soviets into loosing the cold war. It was credit to PRESIDENT RONALD REGAN, not Gorbachev in the ending of this arms race. However ask any High School student today and they will give you a 180 degree turn around of the truth and tell you it was to Gorbachev praise that the war ended.

The lack of basic mathematics is being taught in favor of feel good idiocy. I am sorry but 2 plus 2 no matter how you add it only comes out to four, not five or three.

Those who claim to be educating our youth are doing no such thing by being politically correct. The false claims of rights and independent thinking imposed upon those who are not mature enough by evolution are hurting this country. The bogus idea of not to worry big brother will take care of you is killing this country. It is a cancer from deep with in that is solidifying into tumors that cannot be removed. The thinking that all is fair and equal is causing massive problems in the real world. Once out of school these non educated people are now finding a rude awakening in life.

Life ids not fair nor are all people created equal. Under the law, and the foresight of our founding fathers we tried to create a equal playing field. A starting place for everyone to move from. Yet these progressive crybabies want equality through out life. This is just not in the human nature. People are not created equal if so then everyone would be the same height and weight. Same color eyes and abilities. This is clearly not the case. Some people can run further, lift more, think quicker then others. Some have an aptitude for math or science. While others have a non liner ability to think.

The idea of you do not have to do it if you do not want to is a false hope and dream. Face it some days you just have to get up and go to work. You cannot stay home and expect to be paid to lay around and do nothing. However this is what we have created with the welfare state today. Many, way to many well able people sit around waiting on a check from those who bust their chops to barely keep their heads afloat while being forced to give to the lazy.

Nothing in life is for free with two exceptions. Death is free and the great equalizer. While taxes are freely imposed by governments.

It is time to grow up America. You CANNOT EXPECT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. If you are to provide a service but do not. Do not think you can collect monetary funds for not living up to your end of the agreement. You have to give in order to receive.

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