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Monday, June 01, 2009 

North Korea: Just a thought

I was arguing with my father about what the American response needs to be to this little tyrant. Should we prevent them from furthering their nuclear capabilities by bombing the hell out of them or. Or taking the diplomatic United Nations response of shaking our heads and saying "now, now, you guys need to stop this and behave" approach.

Well I personally think a Military act of some sort needs to be done. Something that says "if you want to run with the big dawgs you have to get off the porch". You know, are you really ready to step up to the big league boys.

My thought is to covertly take out their launch sites while they have a missile ready to launch. Make it look like it is their fault and but they know it was someone else. However my father had an idea that left me rolling on the floor laughing. It is one that sends a message and asks North Korea if they are ready to play. This idea is military in nature but peaceful enough that no one should be hurt.

We launch several wings of the B-2 stealth bombers. They fly in low and over all of North Korea. Instead of dropping bombs we hit the North with a propaganda sting. They drop American flags and leaflets. These leaflets would explain what the North's government is up to, and the American Flags would let Kim Il Jong or Jong Il Kim whatever know we are watching. Of coarse the government there would deny it to their people but the message would be sent.

Found this video and he speaks great things about Liberty!


Wow, go Adam Kokesh!

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