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Monday, June 01, 2009 

Remember what Obama said?

Does anyone recall what President Obamantion said just after he took office, concerning the auto industries? It was at the time quit the big deal. We held Congressional hearings about the auto industry. Remember the flack that the auto execs caught because they flew in private jets to Washington. (side note: it was wrong because they were not elected and president going out with the wife on a date. $24,000.00 of tax payers money and inconvenience for all those who waited as the Broadway show was held up 45 minutes for Obama to make his grand entrance.)

President Obama said "bankruptcy is not an option". Remember that one? yet here we are billions of dollars later and what is happening, bankruptcy. Something that most people knew would happen and were advising not to bail G.M.C. out.

I admit that I was in support of Gm at the time and wanted them to succeed and restructure financially. I suggested buying their stock to help prop them up. However if you were to pay me today to buy their stock, I WOULD NOT!

Obama has gotten his Chicago fingers into the running of this company through unions and the unions were the MAJOR PROBLEM to begin with. The brands under GM that are profitable are being sold or disbanded., Saturn, Pontiac, Hummer, all these are making money. Yet Obama and the "green movement" are going to dictate to GM what they can produce whether the consumer wants it or not. Stock holders are getting screwed on with pennies on the dollar for their investments while the so called fat cats on Wall Street are, with secured bonds going to get a full share dollar for dollar return. Then you add the fact that the union in bed with the Government will run this "new GM" I wouldn't drive someone elses let alone purchase a GM product ever again.

People need to listen to the lies and double talk that lip servicing Obamanation is giving the American people. The auto industry is only the beginning. Banks and financial institutes are next on the hit list , followed by utilities. This socialist/Marxist is trying to remake America in the wrong image. He is ruining this economy. His other big LIE is that he inherited this mess.

He may have inherited some problems yet he has quadrupled the national debt, a new historical high. He has compounded unemployment with his restructure and increased the size of government. Not to mention that the other liberals have taken this opportunity to increase the size and dependency of the welfare state.

We have to hold this man (Obama) accountable above all others. You can pretty much guarantee that if he says one thing he means another. Remember what he says. Listen closely to todays speech and see if he mentions the fact he said that "BANKRUPTCY IS NOT AN OPTION" and now he is for it.

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