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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 

Antartic Pirates

I guess there is a storm brewing in the Antarctic. The storm is being created by a group of modern day pirates who call themselves the Sea Shepard's. For two seasons there has been a show on cable called whale wars. In this show a off shoot of green peace has radicalised themselves and gone on international acts of piracy on the high seas against Japanese whaling ships. The latest attack on the Japanese has become a news item on FOX and the rest of the MSM.

In an effort to trump up support for their acts of terrorism. The Sea Shepard's once again claim that they were attacked by whaling vessels. In the past these morons have tried to fake attempted assassinating attempts against the Sea Shepard's Captain by using a poorly made squib and bent badge to say the Japanese are aggressors. All the while making physical attacks that are dangerous to the Japanese ships operating legally in the Antarctic waters.

The illegal boarding of a vessel while upon the high seas, throwing dangerous materials that make the ships deck slippery, possibly causing the loss of sailors off deck and into the deathly cold of the Antarctic waters. Basically the attempt to destroy a foreign countries property at sea.

The Sea Shepard's are nothing more then idealistic buffoons who are breaking maritime law. The claim that they are fighting for the lives of whales is absurd. If they truly were doing this they would organise in Japan with the Japanese who oppose whaling and make it illegal there. Instead they attack the Whaling fleet, edit their results in press releases and spin the truth of what they are doing.

To the credit of the Captains of the Whaling vessels, restraint has been the number one priority. By using known and United Nation sanctioned non lethal weapons to prevent the Sea Shepard's crew from assaulting their ships. The Japanese are time and time again portrayed as the villains.

Where is the outcry on these pirates? Why is there no one who looks at the legality of the actions of the Sea Shepard's? Why does the Australian government allow these pirates to port in their country with impunity?

Under treaty and international law. The Japanese are allowed to research the life and habits of whales. They are allowed so many catches a year to study then sell the whale meat. The Japanese do not take one whale more then law allows. Yet the Sea Shepard's who under no authority try to disable and destroy vessels.

The acts of sabotage, by entangling propellers, damaging Rutter's, at sea and in storms. Thus creating potential for the sinking of a ship. All are acts of piracy. All acts endanger the lives of sailors.

The Sea Shepard's need to thank their lucky stars that the Japanese have been kind to them over this. While the Sea Shepard's have rammed their vessel on several occasion into the Japanese whaling ships. No one has been seriously hurt, or killed do to their senseless acts of violence.

The Sea Shepard's are a disgrace to animal rights groups, the environmental movement, and any Captain of a dingy in the world. These people should be arrested and never allowed to set foot on a ship again.

If the Japanese were to accidently sink the Irwin Allen (the Sea Shepard ship). I would not shed a tear or raise an eyebrow.

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