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Sunday, January 10, 2010 

What is wrong with Jesse Ventura?

What has happened to Jesse "the Body" Ventura? At age 18 he joined the United States Navy and became part of an elite unit. A UDT, underwater demolition team. This was the for runner to the Navy Seals. Or one could conclude that the Navy Seals undertook the job of demolition as part of their operations.

Jesse served with a excellent record and loved it dearly. No one can really find anything that would say contrary to this. Although this being said I will dispel right now the idea he has something to hide. Anyone who does anything can rub someone the wrong way. Thus you create those who no matter what will say something not nice about said person.

Jesse went on after the military to be a famous and fan loved villain. On his own and with the East West Coast Connection, a tag team unit that held the belts for a while. After this he faded from the public for a time to reemerge as the Mayor of Brooklyn Park Minnesota. As an independent candidate Jesse over came the 18 year incumbent.

In late 1997, Ventura ran for governor of Minnesota as a Reform Party candidate. The off the wall platform of, pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and pro-gun—and somewhat unorthodox background caused many observers to completely dismiss Ventura as a serious candidate. His promises to lower taxes and improve education appealed to Minnesota voters, along with his performances in the gubernatorial debates showcased his down-to-earth style and plain-spoken, "Everyman" politics. On November 3, 1998, Jesse "The Body" Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota.

From there Jesse has seemed to move in a radical left turn. Hard to imagine any further left from his platform for Governor. Yet now Jesse supports the theory of 9/11 being an inside job, that an evil government is behind door.

Does Jesse really believe this or does he crave the limelight still. Let us face the fact. Since his time as a wrestler on to present. Jesse Ventura has been able to capture the public attention in front of the cameras. His support for alternative life styles and absurd conspiracy theories, along with a deep support for the second amendment makes for strange bed fellows.

His cable show of Conspiracy Theory tales hits some real off the wall topics. Yet he comes right back on to investigating some real conspiracies.

So what is wrong with Jesse? Is it his love for being in the lime light? Is it he likes to perform for people? Could it be he generally wants to inform people of a danger that may exist? I think it may be a combination of all the above. In any case he is laughing all the way to the bank.

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