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Saturday, January 09, 2010 

Trickenlooper for Gov?

So President Obama would like to see the Mile High State governed by yet another incompetent. As the rumors of Gov. Ritter and a possible affair with Stephanie Villafuerte and the scandal of miss use of government files to protect a dismal prosecution and plea bargains for ILLEGAL ALIENS, comes to light. Ritter has announced that he will not seek another term. YIPPPEE!!

The Washington favorite now for Governor of Colorado is a man who employees illegal aliens in his private businesses. A man who as Mayor of Denver thought that it was to bad out in a snow storm for snow plows to do their job. Sending the snow removal crews home to wait until a better weather day. Thus he created a real mess on the streets of Denver. Something that Denverites removed Mayor McNicholas for less in the early eighties.

At that time we had a severe blizzard that sat in. The problem was that there was not enough snow plows or personnel to handle the removal of snow. People were upset and in the following election they showed their displeasure.

Hickenlooper on the other hand, like many democrats. Seem to get a pass on blunders, incompetence, and lack of leadership. Hickenloopers apology for sending snow removal crews home cost tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost time, do to snow packed streets and a hot cocoa party with sledding. this was the apology to the people of Denver.

Let us not forget as well the cold blooded murder of a Denver police officer by an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Hickenlooper supported the dropping of capitol punishment for this thug. Appeasement to Mexico in order to extradite the murderer back to Colorado for trial.

We know for fact, that the current administration is full of tax cheats, Giettner top of the list. So rewarding improper behavior is good? I do not think so. Rewarding incompetence, Janet Napolitano as Sec. of Homeland Defense. I could go on and on, on those who are far from qualified to be in Washington. Obama on down.

One has to think, and it should not take long. That here in Colorado do we want to reward incompetence, poor judgement, and tax spend policies. or do we want to put the people back in charge of the Government.

It is clearly a no brainer as Hickenlooper is just another yes man for the left and oppressor of the people. A no vote for him is a MUST come November

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