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Monday, January 11, 2010 

Reid: Stay or Go, the question

Should Senator harry Reid stay or should he step down as leader in the Senate? This is the question that is buzzing the Internet and news agencies every where. On face value he should leave. Holding the same equal standards that the liberals apply to everyone else. it is then a no brainer, he must step down, however is this really the right thing to do.

The damage done by Harry Reid and other liberal progressives (that's p.c. for socialist, or incompetent fools), is already decades in the reversal. The good thing about having this incompetent in office and impersonating a leader is this. He exposes all the other incompetent buffoons that are in Washington D.C. just like having Obama elected President is in it's own way a blessing. It has exposed those who truly do not have this countries best interest at heart.

With the polls now showing that the left progressive movement is not the change that many wanted, and certainly not what any one with common sense hoped for. the election of 2008 has put the progressive agenda out in the open for all to see. Those who still believe in it have no sense and cannot be reasoned with. Those who where unsure now see that the progressive label is a disguise for idiocy and backward movement.

So back to Harry Reid and his statements. Is the term Negro really what he said? I whole heartily do not think so. I think Harry used the other N word and the book has sugar coated the remarks to make Harry look not as bad as he really is. Lets face the truth here. There is more racism in the Democratic party then in the south a hundred years ago. It is the Democratic party that is working over time to keep minorities helpless and illiterate. Reducing standards and lowering qualifications. Making handouts a way of life instead of a temporary hand up. Promoting a pipe dream version of equality that is opposite of human nature. Instead of rewarding individual accomplishment , punishing those who strive to achieve.

Senator Harry Reid is a fine example of the progressive lies and movement. His tone of do as I say not as I do, and I am above the pi on mass constituents, shows exactly the direction the left want to go. A direction of control, oppression, bias, racism, and plain old stupidity.

As long as Harry remains in his position , until the election . We know what the left is up to. If he steps down or is removed we may find a better actor has taken his place. If it is one thing we have seen in 2009, it is that the left adapt and propagandise better then the truth can be recognised.

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