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Sunday, January 17, 2010 

Election Revolution

Will history repeat itself? It was in Boston Mass. that the shot heard around the world was fired. The start and birth of the greatest nation on the face of the planet. The birth of the United States of America. So this Tuesday the 19Th will the people of Massachusetts once again defy a tyrannical government and opt for freedom.

As the race for U.S. Senator is close and could go either way. Candidate Brown demonstrates that this is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Yet Candidate Coakley demonstrates the self deluded attitude of the Democrats and their pursuit of political power over the people. Now we have President Obama running to the aid of this self appointed better then you candidate. A clear sign that this President would rather have those who will do as he says, when he says, and how he says. That he himself is not interested in the people of this country but in his own self inflated ego and agenda.

We have all the signs here of history repeating itself. A tyrannical government, oppressing the people and tightening the noose around individual freedoms and punishing those who strive to better them selves, in favor of a socialist collective that makes indentured servants at best, and slaves of the people to a ideological failure of government.

Do we see the shot of freedom being once again fired off to defend the people, or do we see the light of liberty being snuffed out with this election?

For those pundits who say that this is not a referendum on Presidents Obama's socialist anti American agenda is to deny reality itself. As Harry Reid looks for unconstitutional ways to move a socialistic agenda ahead of the will of the people, by bending the rules of the Senate around and IGNORING the Constitution. The election of Brown to the office of U.S. Senator is a clear mandate being delivered by the people. One that the Democratic party needs to wake up to.

It is the very electing of a more conservative candidate over a brown nosing ideologue that makes it so. The electing of a candidate that represents more of the peoples will over an oppressive administration is a referendum of policy.

The main problem with this election is one we have seen to commonly over this last two years. Voter fraud, and official misconduct of election and state officials in order to move a socialist agenda forward. Minnesota's election fraud in favor of Al Frankin. More votes in districts then registered voters and then counting all the votes which mysteriously are only for Frankin. The allowing of non citizens to vote in National elections. Registered to vote by no other then the fraud filled ACORN organization.

Will Massachusetts allow a legal election or will they be overwhelmed by fraud. This being said we already know that no matter who wins the swearing in of this official is to be postponed for as long as possible. The state secretary has announced this. While Harry Reid has also said he would delay the swearing in in the senate as well. All of which I doubt will ever happen if it should turn out that Coakley wins. Then we will see light speed in putting her into office.

The one lesson that the MSM will surely ignore if Coakley wins. Is the lesson that the change campaigned on is not in favor with the American People. Times are changing politically alright and it is not to the left as the Progressive Liberals want.

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