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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 

Obama is Failing

It would appear that the American voter and citizen is waking up. The pressure being placed upon those elected to office as Representatives of the people is hitting new highs. We are seeing the left fall apart and come unhinged. As the rhetoric becomes more and more insulting and harsh in the battle of ideology. The left is imploding.

The in fighting and blame game is better then any day time soap could ever wish for. Now the blame is being placed on to Rahm Emmanuel. It is his fault for not implementing Obama's plan of socialism. The Democrats have publicly stated that if Rahm had better initiated the wants and ideas of Obama we would have socialised medicine and more debt. That Rahm has miss read the Senate and not fully understood what he was to do.

I am sure that Rahm is not liking this theory of failure from the left at all. I would be careful not to open any newspapers in the future if I were the left. It may be a little fishy and smelly.

Rahm is not the only example of how the left and Obama are failing. A huge vote was made yesterday that fortunately turned out good for the people. The defeat of the labor nomination of union lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board by the senate is yet another blow to the left. As Sen. Nelson from Nebraska and Sen. Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas, both Democrats. Voted against their party leaders nominee of a pro union lawyer and supporter of unions over the individual workers rights. This is a major set back in the socialization of America. Now that the individual is being seen as important over the collective. Something that the Socialist do not think is right. The American people are winning.

More failures of this administration are evident in daily operations. For example, let us look at this current snow storm. How can a city or local government, especially one like Washington D.C. not be some what prepared for this. It is reported that 25% of the snow removal equipment is down and was not up before the storm hit. That is 25% or 60 vehicles. A total of 240 snow removal pieces of equipment is not a lot to begin with for a municipality as large as Washington D.C. Now you are asking how does this equate to a failure of President Obama. It does not directly reflect upon him , but at the same time it does.

In the mid west and in the west when these storms hit, the snow removal crews are on a 24 hour shift. Usually 12 on 12 off. A round the clock work force. The mechanics are on call and the blue collar workers are notified prior to the storm so that equipment can be given maintenance to enable it for use. Employees in other sectors put on their winter gear and plunge headlong off to work.

So in Washington we have what I will call the Hickenlooper effect. They stay home. Much like Mayor Hickenlooper told the snow removal crews in Denver a couple years ago to do. Claiming it was too dangerous for them to do their job of snow removal. Costing the Denver taxpayer several hundred thousand dollars in an apology of cookies and hot chocolate, not to mention several months of poor road conditions.

What this demonstrates is a lack of planning and preparedness. Something that one would think if any city in the nation should have is Washington D.C. It does not take a genius to see that if a major snow storm, or a weather event is on the way to prepare for it. It means cowboying up and putting in a little time, sweat , and common sense in planning , prepardness and effort to work through the problem.

You cannot tell me that in Washington, with such a high rate of unemployment there. That there are no daily labor companies. These companies are commonly used in Denver by businesses in snow removal. Yes it is hard work and often lousy conditions as you are outside. However with snow shovels in hand the side walks, walk paths, and other places are cleaned up.

Look this is white gold on the ground and all Obama needs to do is delegate a little common sense. There are enough landscaping companies there to contract with. Hire them to take their front end loaders, skid loaders and dump trucks to remove this gold. However what do we have. A costly $100,000,000.00 a day to shut the government down. Paying employees to sit on their backsides at home. Not a very good use of man power or money.

Where else is Obama failing at? just take a look at any of the current polls and you will see. Not only is the economy still a problem, spending is out of hand, moral is dropping, and support for Obama is sliding.

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