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Sunday, February 07, 2010 

The Tea Party Revolution

The revolution is brewing, (no pun intended). As the first Tea Party Convention wraps up after the key note speech of the awesome Sarah Palin lays it out in easy to understand terms. The people of this great country are finding their voice and letting those who would usurp the true power of the Constitution from the rightful heirs.

Pundits are trying to tie the tea party movement to being only a group of far right neo cons in the republican party. The truth of the matter is that the Tea Party is not extremist from the right. It is main stream America waking up and voicing their frustration at the lack of representation in Washington D.C.

The "Tea Baggers", as the lame street media calls these people. Are from the Democratic party, the Republican party, and independents. They come from white collar, blue collar, rich, poor, all backgrounds that this country is made of. Their message is not a radical one. It is a message of inalienable rights. Freedoms fought for and won by those who sought a government by the people, of the people, and for the people of this Republic.

This is grass roots America no longer the silent majority. It is grass roots politics waking up and saying enough is enough. Unfortunately this is not what you will here later today on the Sunday morning "news talk" shows form the lame street media. They will propagandise , and spin it as a radical meeting of extremists from the right who are plotting to over throw the government.

The left and mouth pieces for the current administration will try to make you believe that this is a small movement and a little noisy but of no real consequences. A false hood in every word they say and spin.

Let the tea kettle whistle and the word go forth that the American people are going to take their country back.

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