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Tuesday, February 02, 2010 

Pelosi and the culture of corruption

So what is up with Nancy Peloosa and her battle against the culture of corruption? Was it only a battle against those on the other side of the isle? this is what it would appear to be as we have very little movement in the ethics committee on those of Nancy's party.

Tax cheats beginning with Charlie Rangel,and Tim Geightner, not to even go further into the Cabinet members.

Ethic questions of Dodd, Frank, Reid on real estate ventures and questionable mortgages.

Yet the hypocrisy of these are nothing compared to the absolute arrogance of Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House herself. The miss use of an Air Force Jet for travel. An unprecedented bill to the tax payers of over $101,000.00 dollars in food and booze. Yes that's right BOOZE!

Sure there are some perks to being Speaker of the House but I find it inconceivable that this includes premium Scotch and high end Vodka. An occasional bottle and entertainment of political hoitie toities can be forgiven when the bill is under $1000.00. However the abuse of over TWO MILLION DOLLARS in two years. that's over $1,000,000.00 a year cannot be overlooked.

With her transporting of family and friends on the tax payers dime in the tax payers jet that the Air Force uses is yet another abuse we can not overlook. Who is going to investigate the ethics violations here. Those that Nancy said she was going to expose and stop.

Let us face the hard truth here. The liberals in power are not only literally drunk on the perks of their positions, but with the power that we have loaned to them.

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