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Friday, February 05, 2010 

Kudo's to Sen Franken

Despite the fact I think Senator Al Franken fraudulently was elected, and that I disagree with his politics. Sen Al Franken being so left field and lacking common sense in most issues from the economy to foreign policy. In my opinion. I have to say way to go Al for his stand in going after the lame dictatorial administration.

Shortly after President Obama gave his rah rah speech and lets continue down the path of ruin to fellow democrats in their meeting Wednesday. In the closed door panel discussion afterwards with key members of the Obama politburo. Al Franken unleashed his anger, specifically at David Axlerod.

Demanding some instructions and leadership on how the democratic members of the Senate need to move forward on their socialist agenda to pass a health care debacle. Sen. Franken was visibly mad and disgusted with the talk absent the walk from President Obama and his immediate minions.

Fastly becoming one of the most outspoken and aggressive Senators in Washington Al gets a kudos for at least showing some emotion in the attempt to legislate.


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