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Thursday, January 28, 2010 

Obama courts disaster

With a lame State of the Union speech. It is clear that if you are a Democrat in office your job is forfeit. Despite the resistance of the American electorate to the take over of 1/6 Th of the economy with a tyrannical health care proposal, as a good little follower in the progressive movement you are to stay the coarse of disaster. This is Obamas advise to his party. Do not worry about your constiuents , worry about the agenda first.

President Obama neither warned , nor did he command. He hinted and beat around the bush at how the Democrats in office had better ignore the voters and move ahead with the plan of health care and other progressive legislation that will not aid the economy but hurt it for decades. Telling them, looking directly at the Democrats seated in front of him during his speech. That not to worry about this being an election year. That they need to stay the course and move on with an agenda that is wrong. That they are so close to full filling the leftist dream of destruction of this country.

President Obama tried to admonish the Republican party by telling them that leadership is not saying no to things. That he himself is open to listening to the other side, the biggest lie of the evening. Even though the Republican party has been trying for the last year to offer beneficial legislation policies. Not to take any wind out of Obama's sails but saying no is leadership in many cases. Just like a parent saying no to the child who wants more candy. The parent must say no and show the child that too much is often bad.

When the Democrats were not in power with a super majority, it was their policy to obstruct and say no to common sense and moving forward in the best interest of this country. Now that the Republican party finds themselves in the minority position and uses the same TACTICS that the Dem's used previously. Now these tactics are seen as bad and not productive. Does the Hillary quote of "it is patriotic to dissent" mean anything now?

In the same breath Obama says he wants to cut spending and calls for an across the board freeze of spending. However this freeze will not take place for another year. As Speaker of the House wants to cut the Militaries budget, Obama says he will but not for another year.Then he talks about more freebies to be handed out. I referee to his increase in Pell grants, the forgiveness of student loans after ten to twenty years, among other simple hand outs. This is not fiscally responsible at all. Obama went on to indicate that the money loaned to banks in an attempt to help them out from failed policies created by the federal government. Instead of taking this money as promised when it was first loaned out to repay the loans our government made to get the money. Our debt increases with interest every day. Does it not make sense to pay off some of this debt before incurring more?

In other words the federal government will not be responsible and pay off its debt but maintain an increasing debt to be able to give handouts for nothing in return. Disaster in the making. How can the government preach financial responsibility when they are irresponsible?

Obama touched upon a policy that is working and not failing. The don't ask , don't tell homosexual policy in the military. It does not prevent homosexuals from serving. What it does is say you can be homosexual in the military but like everyone else you are military first and will be held to conduct becoming not overt in your indiscretions. Obama would tow the liberal line of allowing radicals to infiltrate the military and destroy the reputation, moral and respectability of the worlds finest Military.

One subject that was hinted at but not touched during his campaign speech was the awarding of Constitutional rights, and a forum to our enemies in our court system. The reading of Miranda rights to terrorist and granting them a civilian trail instead of a military tribunal. This is clear disaster and destruction in not only the short term but the long term of justice. Yet another clear indication of a path to ruin and disaster for America. A topic that is clearly part of the State of the Union.

The biggest spin of the night during the speech and being followed up with more spin this morning, less then ten hours after the campaign speech disguised as a State of the Union speech is the unemployment farce. The claim that jobs saved does not ring true at all and does not even come close to figures that the government releases is amazingly destructive. the fact that these jobs are not being saved nor are they being created is the reality. A quick touch on reality here. In the fall jobs are lost, in the spring jobs are created. These jobs are seasonal and happen every year. The additional jobs from November through the end of December in the retail sector are also seasonal. This administration, along with its allies are trying to spin this as proof that their failing stimulus job packages are working. How insulting to those who lost year round jobs and are floundering to make ends meat.

After listening to this farce of a speech. We have little hope of real change coming in the next three years as long as Obama continues to head down the same road of liberal progressive policy.

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