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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 

The big day: State of the Union speech

Today is the big day for the President. Today he gives his first State of the Union speech. He will talk and spin his first year in office. It remains to be seen if he will admit how badly his administration has failed.

The fact that he and his cronies still do not get it. That the economy is NOT on the rebound as they claim. That terrorism is on the rise here in this country. The fact that his administration if full of incompetent personnel. Will Obama admit to any of these truths, doubtfully.

The current group of pro open boarders, and justice for all liberals in Washington, still do not understand that awarding Constitutional rights to enemies of this country is not helpful in the persecution of their crimes. That just because we allow them to access the bill of rights in their defense of their crimes, does not make for a more peaceful assailant. It only allows these thugs and punks a pedestal to spew their vile hate filled agenda of propaganda sexism, bias and racism.

Will President Obama admit that our boarders are not secure and ignore the illegal alien vote? Again this is doubtful. Instead we can expect him to continue his push for destabilising the economy by promoting and encouraging more illegals to enter this country and apply for government handouts.

Has this administration learned that their higher taxes and push for redistribution of wealth is crippling the economy. Not likely. He will announce new policies that will only hinder small businesses and the American worker. The thought of individuals achieving and bettering their lives is still a concept he cannot grasp.

SO what can we really expect from tonight's interruption of our evening television zombie time? Nothing new, only the inconvenience of not seeing regular programming and being assaulted by pundits who will spin the speech to their advantage on both sides.

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