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Tuesday, February 02, 2010 

Obama: Tighten your belts

So our economy is not doing to well. So says the President of the United States Barack Obama. Yet as this man goes about chastising those who may travel to Las Vegas (yet again, downgrades Vegas as a place to go) President Obama increases spending of the government.

We still have to see if our President is going to tighten his belt. Will he still have date night on the tax payer. Will he hold up a Broadway play for 45 minutes. How much money did that cost the other patrons of the night in lost reservations after the play. Will he continue to hold gala's in the white house while the tax payer picks up the tab for the democratic elite who attend?

Let's face this head on. Obama may give good lip service and placate on the do right idea. yet is he himself going to reign in expenses and lead by example? I seriously doubt it.

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