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Sunday, January 24, 2010 

Obama's State of the Union

This week we will hear President Obama give his first State of the Union speech. As today, Sunday January 24TH 2010, the news talk Sunday shows will be undated with rhetoric. The spin already coming out of the White House is old rehashed blame someone else lines.

Once again we hear the tired old stories of how the current administration inherited everything bad. The lack of acknowledging their failures and poor judgement just is not there. The absolute denial of anti American programs and policies just will not be mentioned in President Obama's speech.

The economy though it was floundering. Was created by a Congress of Democrats elected in 2006. Two years prior to Obama's election. Thus a creation mainly by liberals. Policies put into place by the likes of Frank, Dodd, Pelosi and Reid. Forced into action by a lame duck Presidency of the final days of President Bush.

Maybe the overall likability of the United States was lower, this country was respected prior to Obama's election. Now , after the world wind apologetic tour. America is no longer respected as a world power or a source of economic stability. The passing of a stimulus, pork filled bill. The revamped TARP fiasco, and removal of numerous military projects that would be a benefit, not a hindrance to this Nations security. The world laughs at the United States.

Unemployment has increased officially by only 2%, unofficially it hits around 22% not the lower 10 1/2 % claimed by the current, out of touch administration. Even with the governments lower numbers it still is an increase of joblessness under the Obama governorship.

President Obama will spew forth the spin of how this nation is better off under him. How he has mythically pulled us from the abyss of destruction. That our economy, despite the lack of enthusiasm from Wall Street is on the rebound. That despite people seeing less money in their paychecks , and pockets. That people are more financially stable then a year ago.

We will hear how this country is safer then before. With new policies that are preventing, seeking out, and punishing those who want to kill us. Although the truth speaks different. As numbers of attacks that have gone wrong under Obama's watch,versus those prevented under President Bush are completely different. More attacks that have failed , not prevented have happened under the current administration.

In other words we are going to hear another proclaimed work of oratorical magnificence. Another campaign speech of honey dipped promises , and absolute lies. Lies that are more transparent then the policy of transparency we have been promised yet have not seen out of this administration.

What we need to hear in this speech is the truth. Obama needs to say something along these lines.

On the economy:
We have tried to make the American economy the world leader once again , yet we have failed. We have tried socialist polices that the rest of the world is abandoning. Our thinking was wrong. That we could leave Capitalism behind and make a failed socialistic economy viable when it has failed every where else.

On our Security:
Here to we are failing. We have apologised to the rest of the world for transgressions that never happened. In thinking that this would make those who hate us like us. Instead it has lost us the respect of the world. In thinking we would be safer and able to sleep better at night by extending Constitutional rights to those who do not deserve these rights. We would help them (terrorist) have a change of heart. That knowing that we all would be covered by free lawyers and a platform protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. A platform in which to let their twisted and false beliefs be heard. We were and are wrong again in this.

On the political witch hunts of Republicans and those who oppose the policies of the current administration:
In our thinking that we could quiet and subdue those who would not let us change this country from a republic to that of a socialist democracy. We apologise for our transgressions. Though we have not learned the error of our ways . We see that the road we have chosen is not the one the PEOPLE of this country want. That it is the people of this country that hold the true power of government not the government over the people.

On the arrogance of Washington liberals:
We here in Washington and especially my administration, are guilty of thinking that we are smarter and know better then the populace of this country. For years we have worked diligently to dumb down this country . With lower educational standards and revision ed history. We have sought to erase the truth of history from memory. We have failed in this. The "Tea Bag" movement proves this to us all. That even thought the truth may be slow in moving, it will move. That the truth will be heard. We now see that the voice of a free people will not be stifled by arrogance and wrong full prosecution of alternate ideals. That just because we have been elected it does not give us the air of absolute authority, despite our attempts at such authority.

This is what President Obama needs to say. Not blaming President Bush for Congresses and the current Administrations failures.

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