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Friday, January 22, 2010 

Republicans need common sense Economics

As the Republican RINO's and the rest of the party look for something to grab hold of and use from the upset win in Massachusetts by Scott Brown. They need to look closely at common sense economic solutions. In other words take an Economics 101 class and apply its principles.

A reduction in taxes placed on the business sector, the manufacturing sector, and the people of this country. By reducing these taxes you encourage investment and local spending. Bring home manufactures who have moved out of country for a lower tax friendly government. This would create a demand for workers here that are unemployed currently, reducing the unemployment roles.

You would put more money i the pockets of the people who in turn would spend more. It is a fact. One that the progressives refuse to acknowledge. The fact if people have more in their pocket, they spend more. Again this encourages small businesses. More people then would use the service industries. Creating more employment then and a larger tax base.

Economics applied to the health care reform scam would be a blessing as well. By adding tort reform the only ones you hurt are the scum lawyers who play the system. Those that rob not only the medical profession but their own clients in absurd fees. Remember that no one is denied health care in this country. That is a lie to say people are turned away. What needs to be addressed is a revamping of after care, and the insurance industry, NOT HEALTH CARE.

These simple ideas and basic economic common sense practices will turn the tide back to a more prosperous direction. This is what the Republicans need to look at and grab hold of.

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