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Wednesday, March 17, 2010 

Personal responsibility out, entitlements in

Seeing how personal responsibility is out and entitlements are in. I have a list of entitlements I want. Seeing ow big government seems to think that we are not able to think and provide for ourselves then I want the following. All of which will reduce stress in my life and make things better for me. After all is this not the government of me, me, me.

1) Six months of paid vacation, meaning that I get all expenses paid for while collecting a check to be on vacation.

2) To never have to pay for an airline flight again. It should be free and I am entitled to ride in first class when and to where I want.

3) Free fuel for my vehicle. After all Congress has said that driving is like health care and is a human right. There fore to be able to drive I want my fuel for free. It is only fair after all.

4) My new home, after all is not shelter /a place to live a human right as well? I want a 30,000 square foot home with a pool, three car garage , private gym, gated yard, in home theatre system (just in case I do not feel like going to a free movie at the mall).

5) I am entitled to drive on the opposite side of the street if it means my drive is easier to make.

6) I am entitled to a 7 digit income on a corporate job I have no idea as to do. With a cushy retirement after 4 years . Just like all the elected officials in Washington.

7) I am entitled to the same health care coverage that my elected officials get.

8) I am entitled to $400.00 KOBE steak just like Obama, anytime I want.

My list goes on and on. Seeing we are now begining to live in the entitlement era. Then why should I not have these things. After all I am entitled arn't I?

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