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Thursday, March 18, 2010 

Cannabis for everyone

Cannabis for every one is the next entitlement we will have shoved down our throats. For those who say it is the only thing that helps is a cop out. For every report that says medicinal pot helps there are two reports that show how bad for you and non helpful smoking pot is.

A fact that the smoke from smoking cannabis is four times harder on the lungs then a non filtered cigarette is not discussed or even considered. The fact that second hand smoke from smoking cannabis is more offensive then cigarette smoke is not discussed.

Marijuana takes a full 27 days to work its way out of ones system in the body. Just a fact of life for those who still have to take a drug test for their job. It works on a increasing presence in the body. This means over a period of time one needs more and more to reach the same level of mental lapse that accrues with this mind altering drug. Yes a mind altering drug. This drug kills brain cells faster then a beer does.

So as one sits there and makes themselves literally stupider. They destroy brain cells , ruin their lungs and become more and more a burden on others. If anyone disputes this look at those who are serious users of marijuana. Their speech is slurred, reaction times are decreased, and basic thought processes are disrupted.

The problem with this is those who use and abuse this drug are literally blinded and do not see the effects upon themselves from its use. Just try to hold an intelligent conversation with a user. Not so easy, it is like talking to a drunk looking for a fight.

The ramifications of legalising this drug is enormous. Just think about it. There are jobs that require a clear mind and control of your body, yet if we legalise this mind altering drug how can we deny those in these positions their right to get stoned? I do not know about you, but the last thing i want is to have to go into surgery under Obama care with a doctor who is under the influence of pot. Then to argue that we can place time limits on when one can use before they work creates all sorts of problems. This would be saying that under Obama care where you will have to wait, and wait for a scheduled procedure will be hampered by at least another 20 plus days because your surgeon got stoned on his weekend in Acapulco.

What about the fireman or the police officer. O.M.G., think about it if you have to go in front of a Judge who is stoned. It is unfair as it is to go in front of a judge who legislates from the bench but what if he is stoned too?

There are much more safer and less destructive alternatives to smoking pot. Yet the peace pot and micro dot generation wants us to believe that there is not. A full out offensive to legalise drugs is on. An illegal escape from reality turned legal is what these people want. A self indulged entitlement to get stupid at others expense is the desired effect.

As more and more States legalise medicinal pot, the problems increase. Non smokers beware, that is non pot smokers. While you have to go outside in the rain and snow to have a legal cigarette, these people will be allowed to smoke in non smoking buildings and public places because they will have a chit from a questionable doctor that says they can. While many apartment and condos are forcing people to quit smoking because they find second hand smoke offensive, what will they do with second hand pot smoke? Nothing because it will be a medical reason and discriminatory to make them go outside.

Life is a four letter word and it is not fair. However legalising pot is just plain stupid. Talk about catering to a select group of people this is it.

You bring up a lot of straw men in this article. I would first like to say that you play on stereotypes of marijuana users and its safety.

This drug doesn't kill brain cells faster than beer nor is it more harmful if smoked than a cigarette. What this is about is letting adults make their own choices, not letting the government treat you like some god damned baby who can't care for themselves.

You mentioned worrying about being under the knife of a stoned doctor; laws we have no cover this. You're not allowed to perform work like that under the influence of ANY drug. Same as driving.

Simply put, if an adult wants to smoke some weed in the privacy of their own home I don't care. You shouldn't care either, because this isn't any of your god damned business. The second hand smoke isn't "worse" unless you mean in terms of making other people high. It should be treated like cigarettes; which, like alcohol, are far more dangerous and deadly than marijuana.

I am not sterotyping users. I unfortunatly know many and this is them . Brain dead morons. This being said the World Health Organization, along with our own AMA have done studies that prove the death of brain cells on a rapid basis faster then beer with the use of Marijuana.

Sure we have laws that say you can not drink and drive. Does that stop people? No it does not. If you are that naive to beleive that pot smokers will not abuse the laws and go to work , just look around. We have a doctor here in Colorado being called out by the State Attorney General to have his license revoked for his drinking on the job. Just this week two law officers are arrested, one on duty and one on the way to his shift, drunk. To think that by just passing a law and thinking people will follow it is laughable.

Gosh murder is against the law and it still hapens too.

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