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Monday, June 14, 2010 

Rep Bob Etheridge(D N.C.) apology NO, resignation YES

This is appalling, the fact a public official would dare lay hands on someone NOT IN SELF DEFENSE! For Congressman Etheridge we get a closer look at how politics in this country has brought to positions of power the worst in this nation. Those who think that they are above the law. Where is the complete outrage on this. Where are the calls by the MSM for Etheridge to step down.

NOWHERE, that is where. No one is shouting for his pink slip. No one is calling for his actions to be punished by law. For it was breaking the law when he ASSAULTED the student in the video.
That is what he did. He assaulted a person on the street. He physically grabbed and restrained a person against their will. This is a CRIME, not a misunderstanding.

We still have rights granted by our Constitution and by GOD in this country. The Obamanation has not taken them away yet. Bob Etheridge is a punk and thug. Just another of the left who think that they are entitled and above the law that the rest of us have to obediently obey. Obey without question and without opening our eyes to those who flaunt their given power in abusive ways.

Well I have news for you on the left. Under the law I have the right to defend my self. This is not a threat but fact. I will defend myself. Be it a politician or a common punk on the street. I will not be laid hands upon against my will. If a thug or a CONGRESSMAN think that they have the right to grab or touch my person be warned. IT WILL BE THE LAST TIME YOU DO SO, until you get out of the hospital. Then if you did not learn your lesson by all means do it again. I will not be the last person to teach you a lesson.

How arrogant are our elected officials? Just what do they think "We the People " are? DO they actually think that their assaulting and breaking the law is forgivable? It is not and it is even more horrendous because they are entrusted with given authority by our trust.

For an elected official to act and do what Rep Bob Etheridge has done is tantamount to a coup. To physically stop and demand of a PRIVATE CITIZEN is unmentionable.

Now if Rep Etheridge had been physically stopped and laid hands upon, then he has every right to defend himself and prevent harm to his person. This is just typical of liberal leftists. DO as I say not as I do, I am the authority and you are a peon.

Bob do the right thing and resign, NOW.

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