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Monday, August 16, 2010 

Illegal Immigration is not a one position problem

Illegal immigration is far more then just people crossing the border. It has many facets. From creating a new under class of poverty to economic drains. It has lead to the bankruptcy of many hospitals, and is ruining our health care system. Not that Obama care is not going to do that as well. High unemployment is another factor from illegal immigration. No it is far more then just the agricultural point.

Many seasonal jobs and part time jobs that once were a mainstay of income for the school class (16 to 24 year old) is no longer there. American youth looking to earn money for school can not find jobs because there are none. Being filled by those who are here illegally. Remember when you went to a fast food stand and could order in English?

What about the local kid who mowed your lawn. He is gone replaced by illegals in many cases. It is rare not to see a Hispanic hanging off the back end of a trash truck. Sounds bad but in the back of many a mind the thought "is he legal" is there.

Identification Theft is up as illegals look for ways to legitimise themselves. This ruining lives with their theft of social security numbers. Wrecking credit for American Citizens who have worked hard to establish good credit. I have personal knowledge of one person who was admitted into a hospital then arrested for using his own social security number. Charges were never filed but the hassle of having to prove he was who he said he was, because someone else had been in the hospital using his social security number. The answer from the police. Live with it. You do the foot work in finding this person and then we might arrest them. Political favoritism for criminals over citizens. This person had to have family bring in his birth certificate to prove he was born here. Bring in his social security issued card. Then wait for the police to run a check with social security to confirm he was issued said number. Now he has to request a new number.

Another person I know had to request the same after identity theft. No she has two numbers and social security refuses to correct their mistake. All the while multiple people are no using the first number while she is having to continue the fight to correct her credit because of this.

These are only two examples. The drain on the economy is multi layered from handouts in the welfare system, to federal programs that aid illegals over American citizens who are hurting during these bad times. Education programs that citizens do not qualify for and have to pay higher fees for.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is far more then a single issue problem. Reform is not an answer. Enforcing the law, protecting and providing for Citizens is the answer.

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