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Monday, August 16, 2010 

It is an INVASION, War is declared.

American sovereignty is being ceded by our yellow belly Washington liberals. The southern boarder with Mexico is being redrawn and America is loosing territory while our fellow citizens are being terrorized.

Mexican punks and criminals are running ramp id and taking over parts of New Mexico and Arizona while our elected officials turn a cowardly back on the situation and place warning signs of a danger that has been preventable. A lack of leadership and commitment by leftist world order and open boarder sedition supporters ignore the problem.

Being removed in their tax payer paid for offices they refuse to listen to those who are in harms way. The Illegal ALIEN ISSUE is much more then a few "displaced migrant workers" looking to improve their status in life. It is a war on our society and way of life. As human smuggling and drug transportation, along with increased violent crime is being forced upon this country.

Cochise county is covered in signs warning Americans not to go and travel in our own country. Instead of sending federal agents, or even the military in to remove with extreme prejudice, criminals. Our fearless Obama lead government retreats and takes the cowards way out. Moving in reverse and ignoring the problem. Pulling ICE and BORDER patrol agents away from the problem. A Hickenlooper tactic, "it is too dangerous to perform their job." (referance to his sending snow plows home instead of plowing the roads).

As Sheriff Joe Arpaio leads the fight against these criminals, other Sheriffs are not backing down along the border. Recall in Texas where the sheriff told the citizens of his county to arm themselves. Thank GOD for the second amendment.

California took the first step by improving the fence along the Tijuana San Diego border. However the Tijuana cartels are receiving aid from Real Estate agents, Bankers, and Lawyers from the ACLU who want the fence tore down. Selling land adjacent to the border allowing tunnels to be dug, hiding and laundering drug and human trafficking monies, and most seditious of all suing the government for Protecting Americans.

Governor Brewer of Arizona has taken the next step and said Arizona will enforce the National Law if the feds refuse to. For her stance she now has to ask for donations for a legal defense fund of the Federal LAW. Texas Governor Perry is raising the issue along his border and has threatened cession from the union. However Governor Richardson in New Mexico seems to think all is fine and that there is no problem except on the American side of the border caused by America.

Make no mistake there is a war and it has been going on for years. It is about to explode into shooting on the American side. In fact it already has. With gang banging punks and thugs in major cities arbitrarily killing innocent people to control drug neighborhoods. El Paso has had the city hall hit with bullets. A price has been put on the head of America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The lack of backbone by our Obama lead cowardly government is only embolden these degenerate punks. Knowing that they will not be asked immigration status, prosecuted as criminals and treated with kid gloves by policy from Washington enforced by the American Communist Liberation Unit (the ACLU). Is causing terror along the boarder towns.

If the federal government refuses to do its job. That is to protect the citizenry and territories of the United States. If State governments are being judicially hamstrung by seditonist. Then it falls to those who are the real power in this country. The last group who the power is given from and controls the the power in this country. It is time for the PEOPLE to take matters into their own hands and defend this country.

I must agree! Since the Feds appear intent upon stopping the states from picking up Federal slack on border control, I've suggested that the Arizona National Guard open up it's armories and give every Arizona citizen who wants one a firearm, and then train them to use it to defend their state.

I have noticed plenty of "conservatives" who ignore or even assist the ongoing invasion of the USA.

The invasion is, I believe, just one aspect of the ongoing class war designed to create an eventual oligarchy within the USA.

Divide and conquer is an age-old tactic in war.

"There's class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning."

I was convinced class war was underway over two decades ago.

obbop, those who call themselves conservative have a nack for being just RINO's. I do not believe anything that an elected official says any more. So many Repugnant candidates are nothing more then wannabe moderates who have no back bone on anything except tuff talk to get them elected.

Those who sneek across our border now are not those from our grandparents day. Today they do not want nor seek to be contributors to American society. All they want is the handouts and to do what they want when they want how they want, where they want. This is why the crime rate among "displaced migrant workers" is so high. They are criminals in their country as well as here. It is just that here they are not sought out for punishment.

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