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Thursday, August 26, 2010 

A harsh economic winter

Why this fall and winter will be a harsh one has nothing to do with the weather itself. It has to do with bad policy, a lack of caring and piss poor leadership out of elected officials across this nation. Not only is there blame in Washington but all across this country in local and state legislatures as well. With liberals mouthing the same old lines being sent from Washington as speaking points, there is no economic strategy being put forth to solve the problems.

Unemployment numbers are on the rise yet again. They are only going to go up. Why you ask, simple. It is that time of the year again where seasonal workers jobs will be ending. This always brings unemployment numbers up. Just like in the spring they go down a little bit. However the big increase in the unemployment is going to come from the small and medium sized businesses who are having to adjust for the "health care" debacle that is beginning to be implemented.

As White Castle restaurants have announced. That they are going to have to lay off employees in order to pay for the new taxes being imposed. Other restaurant chains will soon be doing the same. It should come as no surprise that medical manufacturing companies are doing the same. As a specific section of the health care bill called for the oppressive taxing of these companies. Declaring that they should not be able to make profit on the back of those who need their equipment.

So what does our elected officials have to say about this? NOTHING. The democrats (liberals), all fall in line with the Obamanation line of "nothing is wrong and we are going in the right direction" bull. The RINO's just say no. Only a couple of Repugnants have offered any public option to the oppression of the current liberal establishment.

So as the mid term elections , only 68 days away happen. We will see more and more people filing for unemployment do to the above mentioned factors. Multiply this by a lame congress who will push poor policy through legislation. Be it as a way to screw those who voted them out or as a celebration of voter fraud in keeping their own skins employed. This winter of 2011 will be bleak on the economic front.

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