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Monday, August 02, 2010 

Mexican Drug Cartels are Stupido, no brains.

When I first read this I was a little upset. Then I had to laugh. As a matter of fact I am still laughing at the stupidity of the Mexican Drug Cartels. Just what is so funny? Well it seems that these cowards on the other side of the boarder have p[laced a million dollar bounty on the head of America's favorite Sheriff, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona.

Now at first, like I said this upset me and made me mad. How dare they even contemplate assassination of an American officer of the Law let alone a U.S. citizen. This in my book changes the rules. It means that all is fair in retaliation on these punks. In plain terms their homes , their families, their dogs and cats. All are targets of extreme prejudice.

After having reread the article ( Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts A Price On Arizona Sheriff's Head, MyFoxNews Phoenix ) I have to laugh at the stupidity of this possible move. Do the Drug Cartels actually think that even President Obama would be allowed to ignore this. We all know he would try but the American people would never allow that.

For an outside entity, even a criminal organization of thugs and murderers like the cartels, to ever come after American citizens or officials is just getting a little big for their own britches. In honesty do they believe that hiding below the boarder would protect them? Anyone ever associated with or had dealings with the cartels in any form would be open targets for not only the law but every American citizen who supports Sheriff Joe. Now that is millions of Americans who do. There would be no safe place north of the boarder for them to even think about doing business in. Then I am willing to place money on it that many Arizonans would be attempting or willing to ignore the boarder like the Mexicans do and go south after the punks.

Hell I would be willing to go on a snipe hunt south of the boarder should they attempt to hurt Sheriff Joe. It is the principle of the act. The act of coming in to Our Country and trying to dictate to us our laws. Hell we have a big enough problem with this President and Congress ignoring the law. However it is an internal (family) problem. When it comes to outsiders. Remember the bombing of Afghanistan. As Toby Kieth correctly said. "We'll put a boot in your ass."

So if the cartels are really being this stupid, remember you reap what you sow and the whirlwind is bigger and more devastating then the breeze.

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