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Friday, August 06, 2010 

Why Kagen's appointment is wrong.

The main reason that Kagen as a Supreme Court Justice is all wrong is the legislation from the bench factor. Overall a balance of Conservative and Liberal beliefs are a good thing. The balance helps bring about what should be fair and balanced CONSTITUTIONAL decisions. However with a person like Kagen the Constitution does not matter.

The outlandish decision in California this week over turning the will of the people on prop 8 by an activist judge is only the beginning. Now with a person (Kagen) who has no bench experience, argues that one must decide from the heart and take international law decisions and apply them here. Makes for a scary, very scary scenario.

Just think about it. You are assaulted or robbed but in the name of social justice there is no prosecution. Well there is, you. Not only are you the victim but then they charge you with racism or some other B.S. P.C. concept. This all in the name of some fantasy of reality.

This is what Kagen brings to the bench. Judgement from the heart and a far far far left perspective. One that ignores the CONSTITUTION and recognises European Law over American law.

Congress has done the American people no favors with this appointment.

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