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Friday, November 12, 2010 

Immediate cuts in Goverment spending

The government and elected officials are playing a game on what should be cut from governmental spending. It is all a scam. A misdirection to provoke the public and cause unrest in entitlement recipients.

A clear and fast way to reduce governmental spending is simple and something that should seriously be considered. Here are a few that would drop the budget by several billion just this year alone.

1) No more Presidential trips on the extravaganza. The latest was over 400 people not including security at a cost of 2 billion. Reduce the size of personal friends, staff and press corps.

2) a reduction in the first ladies staff and THEIR SALARIES. At a cost of 24 million a year get real. That is more then all the First Ladies previously combined. She does not need this nor does the staff deserve these wages.

3) A reduction in the frivolous dinners at the White House.

4) PUT A CAP ON THE STATE DEPARTMENT AND HILLARY. Yet another 150 million to terrorist in the Gaza. Come on no more money for these criminals!!!!!!!!!!!

5) A removal of the CZARS and the salaries that are not published. Just who the hell are they and why are they being paid to do what the Cabinet is supposed to do and why so much more in salaries. How much wasted money goes to their staffs as well. No Congressional oversight, how do we know that they are not just pocketing tax payer money.

Just those five suggestions could reduce the deficit. Take the wasted money and use it to pay down the debt, not increase it.

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