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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 

The Dream Act comes to Colorado

With the sanctuary pro new administration under Governor elect Trickenlooper, Colorado looks to become another California. Where taxes and tax payer monies will go to support, educate, and help those who are not U.S.A. CITIZENS, or ILLEGAL ALIENS over Americans.

Freshman State Senator Angela Giron (D) Pueblo, is pushing legislation that in the past has been turned down, yet she hopes to resurrect and pass under the ILLEGAL ALIEN sympathisers of the Hickenlooper admin. This "Dream Act" once again wants to give a pass on fees for education by illegal aliens. While at the same time proposing an increase for fees to legal residents to collages. Yes this is correct. You cannot give free education without making someone else pay for it.

Giron says "This issue is about young people and the opportunities that young people should have." Nice sentiments except she ignores the young LEGAL Americans in favor of those who are breaking the law.

"We need all the talent we can get, and it is walking right out the door." Giron says. Yet she does not mean the talented young American Citizens who this bill will deny a chance to improve themselves. She favors lower fees for those of a singular ethnicity over everyone. A racially based program that hinders Blacks, Orientals, and yes Whites too. All in favor of those who enter this country illegally and sponge off hard working LEGAL RESIDENTS of this country. Denying them a chance to send their children to higher education and a chance to improve their lives.

The lack of wanting to help Americans first is a huge problem today. Especially in California and now Colorado. With pro open border groups demanding handouts, not hand ups. The support of elected officials who want to win favor in one voting block, while keeping hard working American businesses down. The chance that Colorado will soon become another California drowning in debt do to tsunami of ILLEGALS getting consideration over citizens is more of a reality then ever before.

Unfortunately we only have ourselves to blame. By allowing these subversive people to be elected to office without proper vetting or common sense. Only we can take the blame for the problems that they are producing and will continue to create.

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