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Thursday, December 16, 2010 

What is wrong with labels?

We have a new push by the left to remove labeling of political thought and actions. This movement runs 180 to what the left originally pushed. That is labeling everything. The labeling of Conservative, right wing religious bias, war hawks, doves, fascist, buffoons, etc. It was the left who brought us the phobia labels. Remember Islamicphobe? The left wanted to put this label on anyone who realised Islam as a cult not a religion of peace.

So why the all out push now to remove labels? Simple. Labels backfired on the left. As progressives, and socialist are found out. That their political ideology is not what the majority of American people want. The labeling or the actual calling by name who and what these people are, exposed them to the truth. People where able to decide if that is what they support or not.

The election in November resulted in more of the truth in reality being at play. This hurt politically the left. So now a new way to censor the truth is being tried. Remove the labels and hide what and who you are. That is the bottom line to none labeling. The spin and lie of you do not need to deny who you are but do not let anyone label you as to what you are is the current thought and wanted new practice.

What this will do is deny opposing political views from being heard in campaigning in up coming elections , advertisements, and propaganda from all sides. This is a bad thing. It is nothing more then censorship of the truth.

When Gerbils, as propaganda minister of Nazi Germany did this. The truth of what was being done in the name of the German people was denied to them.

It is nothing more then another ploy to censor the truth.

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