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Thursday, December 09, 2010 

Geraldo = Anti American

Once again Geraldo Rivera shows his distaste, hatred for America, and his own racism. Last night on the O'Rielly Factor on Fox News he was asked about yet another wanna be bomber. This one the newly converted Hispanic to Islam who wanted to blow up a military recruiter station in Baltimore.

Gerald said and I quote "this was entrapment and this kid never wanted to bomb or hurt anyone until the FBI got ah old of him" end quote.

So here we have another convert who readily plans an attack and is whole heartily willing to pull the trigger, push the button, make the call and kill innocent American lives in the name of a FALSE PEDOPHILE PROPHET. The only reason Geraldo says that this new terrorist is innocent is the fact he is hispanic. Geraldo even claimed that this man was not musilm. Yet all the facts in this case point the other way and show that there was more then intent to kill in the name of Islam.

So when this all comes to court and the truth comes out. Will the sensationalist Geraldo apologise and say he was wrong? Not a chance.

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