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Friday, March 11, 2011 

Do not be fooled

It is about budgets, so do not buy into the lefts spin that what is happening not only in Wisconsin, but many other states of breaking the unions. It is a budget matter. By limiting the unions strangle hold on wages and benefits through the argument of striking and screwing those who pay their salaries.

Claiming that the democrats were not given enough time to get back to work in order to place their negative vote on a balancing of state budgets, is also a spin on the truth. To claim it was not legal is yet a stretch of what happened. The cowardly state senators from Wisconsin ran away from their sworn duties and job, enough that in the private sector they would be receiving pink slips for their childish behavior. A three week leave of unauthorised absence, hiding out in another state , receiving funds from the unions to pay for their hotel bills, being in CONTACT the WHOLE TIME with what was going on in the legislature, then to claim they did not know , nor were given enough time to get back to work is inexcusable on their part and not a trick by the Republican party.

Let us face the hard truth of reality. This country, which is made up of 50 states , is broke. An over abundance of frivolous spending on welfare handouts to unions, public employees benefits, and feel good programs has gone way to far. Now the bill has literally come due and it has to be paid. The left want you to continue to pay an above average salary to public employees and unions , while you rob Peter to pay Paul just to keep your own head afloat on bills.

No more, the republican party may just be getting the message sent by a coalition of democrats, republicans, and independents called the Tea Party. A message of enough frivolous spending , live with in your means.

Gov. Walker of Wisconsin, by limiting the collective bargaining of public unions. Specifically the over paid and over benefited Teachers union, will now be able to restructure a more fiscal responsible and FAIR portion of the states budget. We see in Rhode Island, Providence I believe that fired their teachers in order to bring their budget under control and add accountability of a minor factor back into their educational system.

The false claim of Reverend Jesse "the hustler" Jackson, that these people are out of work and loosing their homes is to play upon your heart strings. However it is a LIE. Yes Jesse you are a LI ER! The average salary of the teachers , who like their democrat senators, are playing possum and failing to do their jobs by showing up to work, make a six digit income , while the average Wisconsin makes around $60k for a full year of work, not 9 months.

Who is really the ones being shoved around and threatened? It is the responsible tax paying , hard working Wisconsin citizen., and all around this nation. The union thugs have for years enjoyed the wealth of those who work. Forcing dues to be paid for the union, preventing people from getting jobs, because they are not in the union. Taking food out of the union workers mouth by telling them when and where they will work. Any one been on strike lately? Not the same income is it when on strike. However the union still collects the same in dues from you rather you work or not.

For those of you who support those democrats who ran from their job. I want you to think long and hard. If it were your business and your employees came to you and said "you make to much money. we will not work until you give us more." I think you would fire them and look for other employees. When you elect someone to represent you in a state or federal legislature, is it not their job to be there and argue, debate, and work for you by representing your beliefs? Not hiding out in another state or closet to keep the business from operating. Yes business because that is what government is. A piss poorly run business that extorts money from its customers.

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