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Thursday, March 10, 2011 

The Left shows their true colors AGAIN

Once again the left i this country are showing their true colors. An attitude of "GIMME, GIMME, GIMME NOW". The new civility of a peaceful discourse on discussion of issues. HA HA HA HA HA. What a joke. We knew when the call came out for civility that it was a sham. We knew that if we did not agree with their progressive agenda we would be threatened. So here we have it. The left is coming out of the closet on this. As America wakes up to the socialist agenda and ignoring of the Constitution by the left. We see the left throw tantrums like little spoiled children.

Yeah that is correct. LITTLE SPOILED CHILDREN, who throw tantrums when they do not get their way. That is exactly what is happening nation wide. A call for unrest, protests and possible riots by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Micheal "I am rich " Moore, and their ilk. All in the false name of the people. What they are doing is not in the name of the people but in their own greed and self promotion to grab power over the people.

Death threats that the MSM barely covers when made against a person on the right which would be talked about 24/7 if made against anyone on the left. The vile laanguage used by the left that they said they distaste. HA there is another laughable topic. The left and their use of decent language.

The big spin of lies by the left , like AFL CIO leader thug in chief Trumpka, calling this a lack of democracy and lack of leadership. When the democratic party throws their weight around and ram through their agenda against the peoples will it is all in the name of humanity and civil rights. However if the common sense and responsible elected officials try to put through moral and fiscal responsible bills it is called anti democratic. What a joke. The left and the socialist. Better yet I should say the lazy, do nothing , make a living off of others are upset because they see the American people waking up and saying enough is enough.

The free ride is over for the unions and the socialists. This is what they fear, and it is time to make them sleep a little less at night. Let fear creep into the lives of the socialist and handout grabbers. With any luck at all common sense is returning to this country.

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