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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 

A lesson from Japan

In the aftermath of what has to be one of the, if not the biggest natural disaster in our life time. There are several lessons to be learned from the Japanese people. I will focus on one. The fact that the Japanese people are behaving themselves in a manner that shames the rest of the world. KUDOS go to the spirit and the sensibility of the Japanese. Even though there is a shortage of electricity, food, water. People are still trapped and the dead are being discovered on a hourly basis. Thousands are missing, yet we see no displays of panic. There are no masses gathered demanding help. The people calmly wait in line for the little supplies that are available in the devastated areas.

What you have here for a lack of better words is a well behaved society taking it square on the chin. Getting back up on their feet and plugging on in this world. This display of self control and discipline is a breath of fresh air to common sense and the human spirit. Here in America we have those who would riot because they failed to pay their cable bill and deem that this was unfair to have it turned off. People here in America who would kill their neighbor for a loaf of bread if they were caught in a disaster.

We already see a run on Potassium Iodine in this country. A run on something we still have no idea if we need yet or not. In California they are running a shortage now on this product. Why? There is no evidence that radioactive fallout is even there yet or will be there. Have they made a run on this product in Japan yet? No they have not and they have a more immediate threat and use for Potassium Iodine then we do.

The Japanese people are standing in line for five hours and more just to get food for one meal. They are not fighting with others in line, nor are they rioting at aid stations. This is a society that demonstrates in adversity we can still be civil.

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