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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 

Obama: Change School Policy Now

Now President Obama wants to change the former administrations policy of "no child left behind". A policy that started to hold accountability of the teachers on the subjects they taught. However we all know this did not work. The teachers union has fought this all the way because it shows the negligence and ineptitude of the teachers and school administrations.

OK so now we know and knowing is half the battle. What is the proposal? Is there going to be accountability? Will the children be taught , or will they be further pushed into the quagmire of propaganda in socialist indoctrination?

If you watch the recent you tube videos out of Wisconsin, it would appear that the teachers union is going for the propaganda and indoctrination technique. Bringing the children who are under the age of 12 to the state capitol and chanting "hey, hey , ho , ho, Scott Walker has to go." This is a last ditch effort by the left. A tactic always used by the left in an argument. What about the children. Making it seem as if the children understand the complications that the teacher union and public service unions have created on a broke states budget.

These children have no clue on this but enjoy the fact that they are front and center of attention. A field trip to the state capitol is a wonderful experience not only for the children but for adults to. Yet the left is totally abusing this. Using children to promote their anger, lies , and side of a socialist agenda.

This brings us back to the question at hand. What is President Obama's new policy and plan for education. Let us hope for change in education. that we will return to the three R's, hold children to a higher standard and teach them not proselytise them in socialism.

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