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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 

Wouldn't this suck!

Listening to the breaking news that our State department is in high level talks with Gaddafi's or a few high level members of his government. No real news there but the conspiratorial wheels did begin to move.

OK, so we have, follow me here on this. We know that Louis Fairycon is close friends to Gaddafi's. We also know that Louie pals around with Rev Wright. Rev Wright is Obama's spiritual (try not to laugh OK) leader or mentor since he (claims to have) converted to Christianity.

The multi national coalition is falling apart, England has suggested assassinating Qaddafi's. Our mission is not to kill Qaddafi, but limit him. He has no place to go to. Should he have to flee his home country of Libya.

So Obama ends his Latin vacation early after these talks begin. There is no mission goal and no exit strategy for Qaddafi. So why are we talking to them? Why are we not blowing this scum off the face of the earth? Oh yeah the connections. Fairycon to Wright to President Obama. HMMMMMMMMM,could Qaddafi end up in Chicago?

It is possible, not probable, not moral either. However no one has ever accused this administration of being moral.

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