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Saturday, April 23, 2011 

Racial Violence? Notif it happens to whites.

Once again we see a break down in civility by people. This time in another McDonalds. Two young black woman attack and nearly kill a white woman. The police have to research to see if this is racially motivated or not. Yet if we placed the shoes on the other foot there would be marches by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton demanding no justice no peace.

What is even more disgusting is the actions of the employees of this franchise. Standing around and then telling the perpetrators to get out of there before the police come. This is aiding and abiding in most books. However in today's society of political correctness this seems to not be the case.

So what is the reason we see violence more often now at fast food restaurants? It can not be because someone got cold fries can it? No in this case the victim wore a shirt that was not in favor of President Obama. So does this give others the right to beat her nearly to death? Absolutely not!!!! We still have free speech in this country, unless you live in a pro union democratic city or town. Then you had best be silent and toe the line.

Do certain individuals think that because Obama is President that they now can run around like a wild pack of dogs? Yes I said it , dirty little cowardly animals, attacking others because they are not liked minded or of the same race.

Now this incident was definitely racial but it does not provide an answer to other violence. That of Black on Black in fast food restaurants. Or that of Black on Hispanic. Nor does it excuse or provide reason for any violence.

What we have here is a generation that lacks any direction or morals. It just happens that those recently are black that are filmed. This is not to say that it is not happening by others.

Might want to use a different name theres a Tree of Liberty forum that is 100% .gov controlled its a scam site.

Thankyou for that information. I have been using this name for this blog since 2005. There are several websites that use this name.

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