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Saturday, April 09, 2011 

Where is the Backbone?

So a threat of a government shutdown at first presented a image of Conservative backbone. Yet as time came to an end, the nerve of Speaker of the House and pressure from RINO's made the conservative movement look spineless.

While the press coverage and political game for public support was played out in the press. Government spending was approximately $54 BILLION dollars. The budget was cut by only $38 Billion. This leaves an over spending of $16 Billion in deficit spending just for this year.

So what was all the fuss about? Absolutely nothing. The government still spent more then they have. Sure a few programs may see a shortage of funds. However absurd spending is still in the budget. Look at $20 million dollars for Sesame Street in Pakistan. Please who gives a rats backside on whether or not Pakistan has Sesame street or not.

The jobless rate is still under reported by close to 8 percent. Fuel prices are way out of hand and only climbing, forcing this country into an economic crisis that will dwarf the housing bubble.

A lack of reigning in the E.P.A. in this agreement is a huge win for the liberals who want to ruin our children's future. While both sides claim little victory the real losers of this drama are the American people.

It is us who will still feel the non reported inflation. At the fuel pumps, at the grocery store, in our smaller pay checks, the monthly energy bill. We lost big time and Washington still does not seem to care.

Was our voice not heard in this last election? I am sure that the Democrats were not listening, but what about the Republicans?

Maybe in 2012 we should not clear our thoats but scream.

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