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Saturday, April 23, 2011 

How Pathetic: Hickenlooper signs bill for exercise

It used tobe that children would get exercise by being allowed to play, followed by some sort of organised physical activity at school. then the social engineers got ahold of things and denied children the right to be a child. All in the name of it may make a child feel bad. This , the conclusion of certain games that by nature pick on those who are not as fast, strong, or simply athletic as others are.

This lead to the removal and banning of kick ball, dodge ball, tag, any sort of child play that by nature is what children do. So what happens. We have certain people invoking the food police because children are larger then they need to be. Why? Because they are not allowed to play.

So is this a step in the right direction? Allowing children to go play? Well sort of, the ban on children's games is still there but we have a movement that is going to "force children into physical activity.

Now Gov. Trickenlooper of Colorado is being heralded as being a champion for children's health. How absurd. When social engineers get involved, things get screwed up. Another way the left is out of touch with reality.

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