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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 

Need Answers

1) Since when has it become a RIGHT to come to the United States of America?

2) Since when has it become a human right to have a job?

3) When did we (the U.S.A.) become a second world nation? Were we to busy watching the super bowl?

4) Why do we support millionaires (professional athletes) going on strike because they are underpaid?

5) Since when is a million dollars a year under paid?

6) How did a 50k a year job become over paid?

7) When did our culture become so self absorbed that they demand respect before they earn it, and what exactly constitutes respect?

8) How is it more offensive to smoke a cigarette then it is to smoke a joint and blow its offensive second hand fumes in some one elses face? Some people do not believe in getting high artificially.

9) Why is it unpatriotic to question ignorance of fact and not unpatriotic to burn the flag?

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