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Thursday, March 31, 2011 

Obama's Energy Plan?

So what exactly is President Obama's plan for energy in this country. We see that his Sec. of the Interior Ken Salazar still is refusing to issue permits for drilling. The excuse of leases are issued does not hold any water. Leases on land are not permits to drill.

A serious stop on nuclear development is in place because Japan proved that they could build a reactor that with stood a catastrophe undreamed of.

We have a lack of funds yet Obama sees it fit to give two billion dollars to develop drilling practices that Obama calls dangerous and environmentally unsafe here but supports in Brazil. A push for green energy development on ideas that are either unpractical or out of reach do to one thing or another. More to the fact that the green push is political then practical.

Wind, solar, hydro, alternative sourced energy is decades away. Fossil fuels are here and much better, cheaper, developed and practical. The lie of "big evil , money grabbing oil companies", just does not cut it when compared to the truth. The truth being that the government brings in four times as much money as the oil companies do per gallon. SO when the spin of record profits are in for these companies this means that the federal government has record income as well. So where is this money going? Is it going to pay for the unconstitutional Tsars?, Michelle's over paid staff? Or is Congress, full of RINO's and liberals spending these funds faster then it comes in?

Answer yes to all of the above. The energy plan for America is far from well thought out and practical. It is over reaching and non existent.As a matter of fact if there is an energy policy it is for third world nations and not America.

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