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Sunday, December 25, 2011 

Have we forgotten Christmas?

Have we forgotten the true meaning of Christmas? In the commercialization of the Holiday that now starts before Thanksgiving, the jolly time of the year no longer seems to be jolly. We have thousands of people lining up in front of stores minutes after the finish stuffing Turkey into their mouths and watching the clock stop ticking on the football game. How many people were hit with a shopping cart or was cut in front of in line at the store. Did you, or I bet you saw someone get into a argument or a shoving match in a store.

How about in the parking lot? Was there a parking spot that you tried to pull into that someone sped into in front of you? Where is the spirit of the season? Has it faded away into the night with the rest of religion. The secular are jumping for joy as they time and time again rejoice in their victories of eliminating any part of Religion from the holiday. No baby Jesus allowed in the manger but you can light a Kwanzaa candle and place a towel over your head as you walk into the store to cover your face.

This is Christmas. It may not be the correct day of the actual birth of our Lord and Savior, yet it is the day we pick to celebrate his life. A day for rejoicing when God Almighty sent his only son to earth. A gift for us, one that is eternal.

The Holiday of Christmas is not about a new pair of air jordans or the flat screen television. It is about family. It is a time to reflect ion who we are and how we live with our morals and values. A time to rejoice with the knowledge that our Lord and Savior gave his life for us to inherit time everlasting in the Kingdom of God.

So as you sit down with the in laws for your Christmas dinner, think about the true meaning of this season. When three wise men came to a little manger and presented gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Muir to a new mother and father of a little baby boy named Jesus.

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