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Thursday, November 06, 2008 

DOW drops again

Hmmm, does anyone else see a trend perhaps. Today the DOW dropped another 436 points. This with reports of more layoffs and downsizing to come out tomorrow. This means a higher unemployment rate.

Pelosi leaks plans of a possible fraud in her plan to take over YOUR 401 retirement plan. So how will we do tomorrow? I am thinking yet as predicted another drop in the DOW.

you still think that a redistribution of wealth was worth it? You (uniformed voters) voted for him and this. It can not be laid on the door step of the republicans . This mess was created by the likes of Barney Frank, Schummer, Ried, and Pelosi.

Who will suffer? The American will suffer and our children's grandchildren are going to still be paying for this mess.

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