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Friday, November 07, 2008 

Political Payback, it begins

We new it would happen with a LIBERAL majority in the Senate and in the House. Witch hunts against conservatives and on those who would give opposing decent against the new socialist policies and agenda.

Sen. Harry Reid begins with the attacks. Only he begins with cleaning his own house. The elimination of any power or possible decent from Sen. Lieberman. It is Sen. Lieberman's Constitutional right to support and express his opinion on who he thinks would be a better candidate for President. Not to mention it is his responsibility in a Democratic Republic government to represent his constituents the best way he can.

Harry Reid wants to remove Sen. Liebermans senior positions on several committees. This is nothing more then political payback for not towing the party liberal line. Reid has had it in for Sen. Lieberman since Lieberman threw his support for the war. This was unacceptable by the liberals and they have looked for the opportunity ever since to punish Lieberman for this.

Although Sen. Lieberman votes the party line on domestic issues, he at least has had the good sense to be a hawk on national security issues.

Mark my words that this is only the beginning of the oppression and silencing of opposing views.

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