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Tuesday, March 03, 2009 

The Peoples house? Obama Wednesday Parties

President Obama has said that the White House is still the peoples house. Yet it would appear that every Wednesday a party to entertain the elite of Washington and political hacks are brought to a a music festival. So far Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire are two of the big names that have entertained.

I ask if the White House and President Obama is so much a part of the people then why is he not entertaining the people? I would think it would be of a little effort on the Obama administrations part to simply stop and invite 50 or 60 of the tourist that visit the White House on a daily basis to dinner. Would this not show the country that this is the peoples house. Maybe the people would like KOBE steak dinners once in their lives. A chance to see some of the musical entertainers that Michelle Obama seems to conjure up at a whim.

If it is the peoples house then should not the people be allowed a chance to have dinner and listen to the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps entertain them? Of coarse thius will not happen as Obama is an ELITIST and thinks himself above the people.

While the rest of the country has to turn =down the theromstats, put on a sweater, walk to work, or car pool. While America has to tighten our belts, Obama is on a spending spree.

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