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Thursday, March 05, 2009 

Crakerjack Investigative Reporting

Wow I am stunned and you should be to. The MSM and its crackerjack investigating reporting is bringing us such wonderful newsworthy reports like:

NYT INVESTIGATION, PAGE ONE THURSDAY: President Barack Obama is going gray... Developing...

CNN INVESTIGATES: How to get Michelle Obama's toned arms...

BOTTOM REACHED: 'Natural living' advocates unveil 'reusable toilet wipes'...

Just a couple of the top investigative reports that have hit the wire in the last week. How important and earth shattering these reports are. I can not imagine that there are any other stories out there that have such important life threatening and improvement angles as these.

Gosh my hat is off to these investigators. Maybe next time they are down getting a cup of Starbucks coffee they may be able to stop the presses and let us know how the frapachino and whip cream is doing.

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