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Sunday, March 08, 2009 

Legalize Drugs?

So the push is on for the legalization of drugs. Why, economics is why. A cash cow or so they think. California and another state are seriously looking at the legalization of mind altering , long term deterioration of the human brain substances. All in the name of raising cash for the state budget.

This would be hilarious if it was not so sad in fact. The health care in this country is second to none. Our problem is in the insurance companies who decide the procedures that we are allowed to get. So certain government agencies and elected officials want to create another medical problem in this country. Sure funds will come in fast and furious at first but when these stoners and new wastoids start to drop out of the work force and cause work related injuries and disastrous. What cost will this create?

It is a fact that the stoners refuse to see, or in many cases cannot see do to their own altered state of being. Mental retardation and loss of faculties. How many thousands of drug users do we support as it is? Now lets legalise this and increase the numbers of those who end up getting stoned and not participating in life. They drop out of the work force in favor of altered states of the mind. They turn to robbery in order to score the next doobie.

Oh yes this is true. We here the argument all the time that the jails are full of drug users and it is not fair. They are imprisoned because they only wanted to alter their conscience. It is a victimless crime. No one is hurt. Fine go with that belief. Again I ask who will take care of these losers then once they drop out?

We will create a larger welfare dependant state. An over taxed health care system now will be swamped with idiots that went a little to far to get that high.

If it is legalised then there has to be restrictions placed upon it so that we do not make society responsible for more irresponsible behavior. I say if they want to drop out then they do not get any benefits from the rest of us. They have to take care of themselves. If they committee a crime to get the funds to ruin their lives then jail time has to be in place. No B.S. defense of they are dependant and not in control of their faculties. They must be held responsible. If they cannot buy their own drugs, no special programs to aid them in their quest to get high. If they can not function in their jobs then no special protection in the prevention of them getting fired from their jobs. An end to rehab programs.

They must be forced to grow up and see the that their actions have consequences. That you can not be a fireman, policeman, elected official, or hold any respectable job if you are stoned. I am serious. Imagine you need an operation and the doctor, or the anaesthesiologist is high. Oops made the incision in the wrong spot, or oops I forgot to turn off the anaesthetic. Sorry bout that , hope the pain wasn't to much for you.

When they drop out from life from the legalization of drugs then lets put them out in the middle of no where. Society has no responsibility to take care of those who choose a self destructive path. Put them out in the Nevada desert near Harry Reids home. Let them fend for themselves and not sit around expecting more handouts from those who are responsible. After all Obama gave them a mortgage and a car and indentured servitude. What else do they expect.

The reason we need to Legalize drugs is so we can end the violence caused by their prohibition, and institute actual drug control.
Currently, drugs are controlled by thugs who won't differentiate between a sale to an 11-year-old or a sale to a 60-year-old...all for the high profits that drug prohibition creates.
Our modern drug prohibition funds terrorists - if we allowed substances to be legally sold to adults over 21 then terrorists/thugs would not be able to turn a profit on their drug shipments.

Look up http://www.leap.cc (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) if you think that stoners are the only ones who want drugs legalized.

Also, learn to read your own posts before you post them..."committee a crime" ?

Joel, I do not thnk that it is only stoners who want to legalise drug usage. I know there are many idiots out there who think it will solve violent crime and stop the funding of terrorism. For those who are that ilinformed, I am saddened.

The legalization of drugs will do nothing but cause more problems then it is worth.

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