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Wednesday, March 04, 2009 

Rush, Conservatives, and the Liberal Lies

What a massive misdirection and diversion of attention to the truth and reality of what is going on. The left in this country is in the spotlight and they do not like it. As more and more of their absurd poor plans of fiscal irresponsibility is being highlighted. Their lack of America first and grab for power is bringing down their poll numbers and they are sweating, profusely.

With the porkulus and now omnigrabulus bills people are tasking a second look at those they elected. People who may have been on the fence and called themselves moderates are beginning to realise that the change they voted for was not the change they are getting. This is perplexing to the leftist elite. As they see a chance to grab power and money from hard working Americans and redistribute it to their strung out money junkies, who have a craving for cash and handouts that rivals that of a heroin addict needing another hit.

The left and its strategist are playing their last card here. It is nothing more then an attempt to get the moderates and anyone on the left who is losing faith in the socialist agenda to come back into the fold. If they can demonise Rush Limbaugh. Connect the Republican party to Rush and anyone who is conservative to the lies that they are going to spin. Then they may be able to keep the mindless grey matter of the ill informed voting for socialist candidates and preserve their power.

It is a simple plan, but a failed one. They tried it during the Clinton Presidency and it did not work. It lead to the Republican party becoming the controlling party in the House, the Senate, and eventually the White House. A trifecta of conservatism, or the illusion of it.

Now if the Paul Begala, James Carville, Rahm Emanual, and Greenberg can make the false connection of racism , bigotry and phobias to Rush stick (which of coarse they can't because it is not true) they may have a chance then of tying the Republican party to the smears. However they would be better off trying to go after the number three syndicated talk show host Micheal Savage in this matter. Even though these smears would not work there either.

What is being attempted is to try and smear Rush with false labels, spun sound bites and misleading quotes that are catch phrases of the left. An attempt to show a mean spirited and heartless image towards the "average American".

This is all to divert the attention of a corrupt administration and the secretive back door attempts by President Obama to dismantle the United States Constitution. With efforts of fairness in broadcasting censorship, anti second amendment legislation, executive reversal of sound energy and defense policies.

Presidente, Sheik Hussein Obama betrays the oath of office with the selling out of traditional allies. The snubbing if Britain. The 180 degree in policy towards Israel and the pro support of terrorist organizations like Hamas. The dismantling of strategic defenses (the removal of the missile defense system, protection of eastern Europe) in order to win favor with Putin and the resurgence of the old Soviet Union.

The attempts to hide the lack of leadership on the southern border with the violence from Mexico and the illegal alien situation. A cabinet that is more entrenched with lobbyist and special interest then any in history. Corrupt and deceitful appointees to office by a culture of corruption in power of our legislature. These are all issues that the left are attempting to hide be making Rush Limbaugh the main news story of the day.

The problem with this strategy is that the vast majority of the Conservatives in this country no longer look to the MSM for their news. The alternative outlets are to many to list but are so much better and informative. Not only is there Sean Hanniety and Michael Savage on the radio, but there is FOX news and FOX business. Both on cable, radio, and the Internet. The speaking of the Internet. There are way to many blogs, news outlets, Internet radio, Internet video, and sources that get the word and the truth out on issues we face.

Some of these sources are the government itself. As we now have an almost immediate access to the inner workings of the government. CSPAN 1,2,3, to watch. The websites for almost every single branch of the government. Postings of policies and budgets are now much more accessible to the public. This makes it much harder for the left to hide their corrupt and lack of leadership ways.

As long as Americans begin to take responsibility for what is happening and do NOT LET THE GOVERNMENT make decisions for us. The left will have a nothing but uphill battle before them.

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