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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 

Is there really any doubt?

Job stimulus, new jobs, who will be employed? With the pro union and pro open border appointees in the Obama administration is there any doubt who will benefit first from government jobs created by this debacle? Lets be real here and look at what the hope and change candidate is really trying to do here.

He definitely is not looking out for the American worker as he claims. The pro union bill that is to be voted on today does not favor any worker at all. It promotes a strong arm tactic that will force workers to join a union. Punish any company that does not want a union or support a union. Making the company go into arbitration that will favor the formation of a union against many who do not want it.

Anyone who thinks that under this new bill a company and workers will be able to choose workers right to work over forced membership. If a company has just one employee who wants a union but the company does not agree. The single individual can force after so many days the company into a forced arbitration and the arbitrator in order to make things right is going to force the company into unionising. Some choice isn't it.

Now lets look at these shovel to pavement porkulus packages. Many of which have been on the planning table for several years, but not funded by certain states because they miss managed their budgets. However now that the federal government is going to pay for it. Amazingly all these projects are set to go.

With a no fairness in the bidding clause removed from the guidelines on who gets these contracts for work. We have solidified the good 'ol boy system in awarding the work. Something that many states are entrenched in. This is not fair to honest companies who, in most cases do a higher quality of work.

Contracts will be awarded to companies that have questionable practices not only in the quality of the work they do but in hiring practices that they follow. One thing that many of these construction companies do is to hire ILLEGAL ALIENS. They either ignore working status or they 1099 the employee at a much lower rate then that of an American worker. This practice allows the company to not pay for any benefits for the employee and not pay F.I.C.A. Leaving this to the so called up and up 1099 contractor. That of which we know do not pay their taxes or F.I.C.A. in most cases.

Essentially this locks out the honest hard working LEGAL American from having a job. Now is that fair? Is that hope for the American worker, especially the construction worker needing to make ends meat? Is this any change from what has happened in the past on the system of awarding state contracts? No it is not. What we have is a continuation of the same old entrenched unsavory practices.

Estimates run form a low 10,000 to upwards of over 300,000 of these jobs will go to ILLEGAL ALIENS. If this does not call for the continuation f the E-Verify program. A program that Solias , Napolitano, and Obama do not like. Then nothing does.

Face it we have in place, officials who have an anti American agenda. They are not looking out for those that they have sworn to protect, but a clear heading to the destruction of this country and its people. By putting first those who are not citizens and citizens in a second place status.

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