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Monday, March 09, 2009 

Obama White wash in effect

We have seen it begin with the removal of the anointed ones name from any legislation submitted that would raise an eyebrow with those who look at pork. President Obama has had his staffers and other supporters go in and take from the rolls any bill that he help cosponsor or sponsored directly from the Washington rolls. Now we have a complete elimination of anything that may shed a red light upon his high and mighty record.

The inept and lack of factual information found on Wikipedia should always be questioned as to how factual and truthful it is. Especially now that it is being scrubbed clean of any criticism or taint to Obama and his questionable beginning of a legacy.

Any mention to the fact his eligibility to run for President has been removed and anyone who is posting it on the bio page as being banned from posting for three days. The fact that there are still many questions out there concerning Obama's eligibility is not disputed , except on any official site.

Wikipedia , which is the most use source of information supposedly on the Internet in the form of encyclopedia text. Has always raised concerns on many topics. Being a user post for information many of the topics are filled with falsehoods and lack of factual evidence. It contains more opinion and conjecture then real evidence to any topic.

Many postings on conservatives or American history are factually wrong and show a major liberal bias, and innuendo.

However what is more disturbing in all of this is the defensive position that is being taken not just on Wikipedia but all over the Internet when it comes to any criticism of Obama. It is rather scary to see that anyone or anything that is questioning Obama's past or present handling of the Presidency is being cleansed.

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