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Monday, March 30, 2009 

Unions get more aid from the White House

As the economy gets false hope and little change in the way of leadership and help from the Obamanation administration. The unions get another free pass it looks like in the war on class envy. G.M.C. executive and CEO Rick Wagoner gets his walking papers from Washington in a unheard of extortion move.

Barrack Obamanation has passed word that G.M. will not get any more money as long as Rick Wagoner is still in charge. A complete double standard being set as this executive is asked to come up with a business plan and workable theory to save G.M. Yet here we have an administration that favors unions, is stacked with pro union bureaucrats, and is pushing pro union plans on every aspect of the nations work force. So when there is a call for the auto unions to make concessions they don't.

We hear that some concessions have been made but what are they? What have the unions contributed in order to save jobs for Americans and the auto workers? There have been none, while Washington and Obama black mail an executive with leave or no more help for the company action.

Rick Wagoner by no means has been what would be considered a good executive, as for the last eight years G.M. has been falling in its position as world leader in car manufacturing. Yet what have the unions done in this time? They have lined their pockets with absurd wages and regulations that add a minimum of $2,500 dollars per vehicle. A cost that is past on to the consumer.

Why such a high cost? Simple if you are in the union and laid off you still receive your same pay for as long as you are a union member and the public pays for it. Where are the concessions? This is absurd. White collar workers are told that they have to take pay cuts. Former white collar and management are loosing their benefits that they contractually were given. However the union gets to keep all of theirs with the blessing of Obama and his socialist ilk. Some change and hope alright. You hope that your retirement will leave you enough change to pay for the things you worked for and were promised.

The unions are getting a pass on the problems in Michigan. The unions are a huge part of the problems in the auto industry and yet no one in Washington wants to antagonise them and force them into a position where they would have to make moves to aid in the reformulation of the industry.

The unions are getting forced into all aspects of life . Whether you want to be a union member or not. The unions are dictating not only the auto industry but with only 9% of the work force they are dictating how all industries are going to behave.

This is the first step towards major placement of socialism into the work force. When the workers dictate the way business is done. Where workers make more then the owners of the company.

It is backwards, a wrong move on the part of Washington, and one that will hurt this country in not just the short run but the long run.

All of them are on board the same (sinking) boat, but while they will act like enemies, there will be no help for them. If GM goes bankrupt (and without serious changes it will definitely go, no matter any bailouts and help), workers will lose everything too. But while managers can easily survive, blue collars will have much harder position. so it should be in their own interest to became a bit more flexible...
Take care

I agree it would benefit the workers to be a bit more flexible. However I do not think that it is the worker that is preventing this. The unions are pulling the negotiation strings and it is the unions that refuse to be flexible.

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