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Thursday, April 02, 2009 

Islam supports Pedophila?

Well here are some facts to support the heading for this blog.

Fact: Muhammad married a child who was under the age of ten (10)

Fact: Finnish Iman Chehab Khodr declares that 13 is a good age to marry

Islamic Pedophilia in Finland: Imam Wed Juvenile to 20Yr Old Man, Says State Gave Permission........

tip to Atlas Shrugs who as always is on top of this depravity.

I guess if you are a pervert and want to have your sick habits and pleasures supported just convert to Islam and it is ok.

One problem:
According to many sources - the evidence for pedophilia has been fabricated - It is thought that Hazrat Ayesha married the Prophet at upto 13 or 14 years of age.
There is no doubt that she had passed the age for puberty.
And in the west it is not a big deal for a person over puberty to have sex.
Also if you look in the history books, underage marriages were common in the west a couple of centuries ago too.
Shakespear said about a 13 year old bride:
"The younger they are, happier mothers made"

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